Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cedar Mountain, Va.: Union graves on the battlefield

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  1. This is a remarkable then and now and you got it right, thank you. It is referred to as “Graves on the Battlefield.” Not far from this location presumably around the same time O’Sullivan took another photograph of five 10th Maine officers on the Cedar Mountain battlefield. A number of years ago I did an analysis of the two O’Sullivan stereoviews. It revealed the same five 10th Maine officers also appear in the graves on the battlefield image with one additional person. Interestingly, the five 10th Mainers were all originally identified in Vol. 2 of Miller photographic history “Two Grim Years of War.” I have a note from the 10th Maine’s historian prepared after Miller’s was published. At least three of the officers were misidentified. One of the officers identified in the image resigned six months before the battle of Cedar Mountain and the other two were either not present or the image was clearly not the person as identified. I guess it would have been accurate if not helpful if O’Sullivan would have titled the graves image as “10th Maine Officers at Graves on the Battlefield.”

  2. As Nick wrote, you nailed it John. Take a look at Library of Congress B815- 509. I agree with Nick's conclusion that the five officers are the same men. I didn;t know that Miller misidentified as least three of them. The sixth man is a photographer who was part of O'Sullivan's team. - Craig